East Brighton Golf Club
East Brighton Golf Club

East Brighton Golf Club currently has vacancies for Membership in all categories including  intermediate and new flexible membership rates.



Have you ever thought golf club membership was beyond your financial reach or that the amount of times you played would not justify a full Club membership?

Then here is something you will want to consider!

At East Brighton, we acknowledge that there should be a modern and low cost method of playing Club golf. We have created a flexible membership which has been specifically designed for the occasional or fair-weather golfer. It will provide all the advantages of belonging to a friendly, traditional Club at a cost which is justifiable on the pocket.

Interested in hearing more? click the tab below or contact our friendly office staff - Val or Jane on 01273 604838 option 2 or email office@ebgc.co.uk.

flexible membership - terms and conditions

flexible membership - application form

Lets get you back into playing golf in 2013

- you will never look back!




We all know how difficult the current economic climate is for many people, and at East Brighton Golf Club we have introduced new intermediate rates of membership from 18 - 32 years of age to alleviate the transition to full 7 or 5 day.

Contact the office on 01273 604838 to discuss further, or email office@ebgc.co.uk


We need more beginner golfers - men and ladies!!! - Why not start with the Academy course for beginners run by Adrian - our friendly Professional - or, if you can play already we would love to welcome you to the Mens or Ladies Section who are both renowned for warmly integrating any new member - no cliques here!!! Contact the office on 01273 604838, or email office@ebgc.co.uk to find out how you can be part of the golfing community at East Brighton... and don't forget there is a married couples discount of 5% on full memberships if you join together!



There are competitions most weekends for all 7-day members and during the week for 5-day members. East Brighton is an equal opportunities club, with ladies having integrated competitions and tee times at the weekend, but still retaining their Tuesday morning ladies day. The men also have their own competitions as well as the integrated ones, providing the best of both worlds here at East Brighton. There are also thriving Seniors, Mens and Angoras sections with inter section, inter club matches and various County and national competitions.

 Juniors Competitions

The Club has a very strong Junior Section of both boys and girls, with some outstanding players, due in no small part to the Saturday morning coaching that the Juniors receive from the assistant professional. There is no lower age limit, so your children are never too young to receive tuition at East Brighton!

Golf Academy
A golf Academy has been established to introduce new golfers to the game. This involves swing and golfing skills tuition, together with rules and etiquette training, and use of the course for the period of up to one year at a reduced membership fee. After which, full membership is available upon graduation. Click here for the Golf Academy page.



Country Membership
To be eligible for this category, you must live an appropriate distance from the Club.

Country membership allows you to obtain a handicap at the Club, and allow you to play in most competitions.

Membership offers 12 rounds of golf with no additional fee but you must book in at the Professional’s shop before playing. Any additional rounds are charged at a guest-rate  green fee. 

Overseas Membership
To be eligible for this category, you must live overseas for the major part of the year; you need not be a member of any other club.  This category allows you to obtain a handicap at the Club and play in most competitions. Membership offers 12 rounds of golf with no additional fee but you must book in at the Professional’s shop before playing. Any additional rounds are charged at a guest-rate green fee.




East Brighton members are lucky enough to have membership of the 1893, & the James Braid Club which have special arrangements for playing. We also have a reciprocal arrangement with Shirley Park GC. This means there are choices to play different courses should you wish to tear youself away from East Brighton!!!